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What people say about us

"The Cooley Practice provided online mindfulness – something our team appreciated enormously. We all took away some great tools to help us continue the practice daily. We highly recommend Cooley Psychology to other organisations looking to support their staff."

"Therapy gave me my life back."

"The Cooley Practice was a positive and powerful addition to our guest speakers. Their insight into the subject of stress management and explaining how our brain works, coupled with an easy and highly engaging delivery style, made it a great success."

"Honestly I feel the best I have for years. I have accepted that using FODMAP a lifestyle change and a work in progress but I never thought I would get to this point."

"I have found out so much about myself. It has transformed me."

"By providing workable tools and ways of building positive thinking, the team came away with much more than they had anticipated. Sam was open and honest in his approach and really felt like part of the team over the two day event!"

"Great support and very valuable advice, helping me lose 5 kilos in total. The friendly and comfortable environment had me feeling confident, motivated and guilt-free. I was also provided with extra information in-between our sessions with research-backed advice to aid my weight-loss progress."

"The therapeutic relationship helped me to hold up a mirror to my existing beliefs. I now have a sense of self-acceptance and a framework to structure my thoughts. I enjoyed being challenged and I felt respected."

"Robyn was an absolute pleasure to work with. She delivered a fantastic session for us on Finding Fulfilment and the feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive."

"I like the integrative nature of therapy and the flexibility that brought to the sessions. It felt tailored and not prescriptive. My inner critic is much reduced."

"The numbers on the scales are so good I first thought I may be misreading them. Thank you."

"Therapy has given me an ability to rebuild my relationships with myself. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone at times but it felt supportive and I felt heard."

"The workshops were very thorough and informative and Robyn’s engaging and knowledgeable approach ensured an open and collaborative environment with great participation from all attendees."

"The content was fascinating, giving both practical examples and applications as well as being evidenced by science. I’d highly recommend Robyn to any team wanting a workshop around mental health, including stress, anxiety, and managing change."

"I feel as though I have gained a fresh perspective on the behaviours and thought processes that have previously caused feelings of sadness. I now feel so much more comfortable in myself."