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The Coping with Chronic Conditions Therapy Group

Chronic health conditions have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing, which in turn might stop you engaging in the life you want to live. Here at The Cooley Practice, we want to support you in living a rich, full and meaningful life in spite of your health condition. Based on principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), our Coping with Chronic Conditions group is designed to provide you with the skills you need to manage the thoughts and feelings that might be a barrier to you.

This group is suitable for adults living with a non-terminal chronic health condition (e.g., diabetes, tinnitus, long-COVID, injury, chronic pain, chronic fatigue). It comprises six, weekly group sessions.

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Bite-sized 60-minute Online Workshops

A holistic guide on how to manage perimenopausal symptoms though diet and lifestyle measures. Addressing our lives holistically, inclusive of diet and movement can ensure you are supported through the menopause and beyond. Symptoms from brain fog, insomnia and hot flushes can all be helped by diet and lifestyle measures.

Everyone is being hit by the increasing cost of food - we need to eat to live! However, more and more we are seeing clients who are struggling to balance healthy eating, time constraints and the cost of food. Let us guide you through and give you practical tips for you and your families.

You may have heard of your ‘gut microbiome’, or you may have heard of the power of the gut-brain connection. Both are referring to the powerhouse of bugs that live in our guts. We are learning about these little bugs quickly and so far we know they can have a positive (or negative) effect on our immune systems, mental health, gut symptoms, weight and more. Learn how to work with and not against these little bugs.

Many of us start reaching for the biscuit tin by mid-afternoon or wake at 2am with no idea why. Both situations are closely related to your blood sugar levels, and you can change your diet to perform better, sleep better and best of all feel better. Sugar rollercoasters are a common symptom of a busy lifestyle but may ultimately be holding you back from your goals. Learn to harness your energy and live a longer, fuller life in this workshop.

We are bombarded by protein shakes and bars, energy drinks, and energy balls to help us along our fitness journey. In most cases, you do not need these products, they are often expensive, unpleasant, and in many cases, full of sugar! Natural foods and clever food combinations can fuel your fitness much better (unless you are an ultra-marathon runner!). Learn how to fuel your body right and get the most out of your movement.

Our nutritional requirements change as we age. This is not to be seen as a negative thing, but if not addressed can lead to weight gain and the development of long-term chronic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes. Increasing the diversity of your diet and making a few small, but important changes can help ensure you live as long and healthy a life as possible.

There are so many myths about food and diet out in the public arena. From newspaper articles, social media posts, celebrity books and workouts. It can be hard to differentiate scientific knowledge from false advertising used to sell products. Let us help you understand more and ask about the myths you have heard about.

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