Our pesky guts! Whether you are scared to go on a long car journey, afraid of breaking wind in the cinema, or not pooping for days, dietary and lifestyle changes can help.

There is no need to be embarrassed - we have seen and heard it all. For example, our lead dietitian Jenny has spent 10 years of her career working on hospital bowel wards - nothing is going to phase her!

We know so much more about our gut health now than even 5 years ago. What we eat and how this affects our gut in both the short and long term has never been more important. If you have seen in magazines and newspapers the term ‘gut microbiome’ but with no real idea of what that means - we are here to help.

So if you have excess wind, bloating, are pooping too much or too little for you, or have got an upset tummy after COVID or needing antibiotics. Then come and have a chat. The effect that upset guts have on our life are no joke and can be vastly improved by the right diet.

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