Chronic Bowel Diseases

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease are two inflammatory bowel conditions we can support you through. At whatever stage of diagnosis or impact, or if experiencing a flare up and you’re needing support getting back on track, we can help you with expert advice.

If you have been diagnosed with a bowel cancer and need support now, or you have completed treatment and are wondering what changes you can make as a survivor, we can help you. We appreciate the wonders the NHS can do for those with cancer, but living life after cancer is often not discussed. Let us guide you through what eating well looks like, and take one worry away from you.

If you have a new stoma formation or have been placed on a low residue or low fibre diet for a bowel issue, we appreciate how physically and mentally challenging having restrictions placed on your diet can be. We can be a reassuring voice when you need it most.

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Chronic Bowel Diseases Leicester

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