Diet and health

Advice on diet for chronic conditions and weight management

Whether you need support living with a chronic health condition or want to change your lifestyle to support weight loss and other issues, there is no need to be embarrassed.

Through a 1-to-1 session, we will find out more about you to provide practical advice with achievable outcomes. Our online workshops cover dietary needs for a range of chronic conditions. We can also provide GP letters, occupational health reports and summaries of treatment plans.

Difficulties we work with

What to expect

The Cooley Practice provides a dietary service grounded in scientific evidence and not on the latest trends, brand sponsors or personal opinion. Our dietitians are regulated and audited by the Health Care Professions Council, which ensures public safety and protection are at the core of its values.

We work holistically to ensure any advice fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are a trained chef, a student finding their way around a kitchen, or a mother needing to put herself first. We will ensure that our advice is practical and achievable for you.


1-to-1 Appointments

Whether you want a ‘one stop’ clinic appointment to answer any questions you may have, or regular appointments to support you through a long-term dietary intervention, both are accessible though The Cooley Practice.



Weight Management

An initial appointment and 3 follow up appointments, ideally 4 weeks apart. Therefore supporting you on your weight management journey for 4 months.

Heal My Gut

An opportunity to really get your bowel smiling again. An initial appointment, specific probiotic prescription, and 2 follow up sessions.

Find Your Way Through The Fog

Menopause support to help you see the wood from the trees. Initial consultation and 3 follow up appointments.


In addition to individual therapy sessions, we also offer therapy groups and workshops.

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